How Can I Get My Money’s Worth With ActiveCampaign Pricing?

ActiveCampaign is a great email marketing tool, and they are well known for their excellent customer support, reports, and automations. They offer a great service that is really hard to improve upon, but they do have multiple different plans on offer for you to choose from. So, which of the four available plans should you choose?

Anyone that is looking for a new email marketing tool will want to ensure that they are getting the best value for their money. You will also want to be sure that the plan that you choose will hold up over time as your business grows.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about ActiveCampaign, including how you can get your money’s worth from this company. We are going to take a look at the different plans that they have on offer, as well as all of the different available features that you can make use of.

How Can I Get My Money's Worth With ActiveCampaign Pricing

What Do You Get With ActiveCampaign Plans?

There are 4 different plans that you can choose from with ActiveCampaign, and these are the lite plan, plus plan, professional plan, and enterprise plan. The entry level plan will include features like a template editor and marketing automation.

Some of the higher plans will include things like a CRM and lead scoring. Something that you will be glad to learn is that there is no setup fee.

If you are on a budget, it is worth being aware of the fact that they do not offer a free plan. However, you can still test out one of the plans that you are interested in for 14 days without having to pay a penny.

If you do decide to commit to a plan, then you could even choose to take advantage of their free migrations offer. When it comes to choosing the plan that is right for you, you can look at our complete guide to ActiveCampaign below.

ActiveCampaign Pricing and Plans

LitePlus ProfessionalEnterprise
Templates and design editorYesYesYesYes
Landing page editorNoYesYesYes
Reporting & SegmentationYesYesYesYes
Social media integrationYesYesYesYes
Advanced Forms (Modals, Floating Bar & Box)No, only basic forms (inline)YesYesYes
Newsletter inbox previewPaid5 free a month5 free a monthUnlimited
Sends SMSNoYesYesYes
Custom SMS sending numberNoNoNoYes
Shows ActiveCampaign logoYes (in non-HTML forms)NoNoNo
Attribution metricsNoNoYesYes
On-site messagesNoNoYesYes
Social dataOptional PaidOptional PaidOptional PaidYes
API & Web hooksYesYesYesYes
Custom DomainNoYesYesYes
Migration servicesYesYesYesYes
Email & Live Chat supportYesYesYesYes
Phone support and personalized helpNoNoNoYes
Uptime warrantyNoNoNoYes
1 to 1 trainingNo1 Month3 MonthsForever

ActiveCampaign Plan Prices

500 users$15 a month$70 a month$159 a month$279 a month
2500 users$55 a month$125 a month$159 a month$279 a month
5000 users$99 a month$169 a month$239 a month$449 a month
10,000 users$155 a month$249 a month$349 a month$499 a month
25,000 users$259 a month$399 a month$599 a monthRequest a quote
50,000 users$345 a monthRequest a quoteRequest a quoteRequest a quote
100,000 users$505 a monthRequest a quoteRequest a quoteRequest a quote

Additional Features That You Can Get On Top Of Your Plan

Something else that you will be able to pay for on top of the plan that you choose is the conversations feature. This is a feature that is available with all of the available plans, and it can be purchased as an additional extra.

The conversations feature allows you to have conversations with your subscribers through both chat and email, and these conversations will be stored in a unified inbox. If you are interested in this optional add-on, you should know that it costs an extra $19 a month.

ActiveCampaign Summary Of Available Plans

When you are trying to decide which of the above plans is right for you, there are lots of things for you to think about. We are going to outline who could benefit from each of these plans below to help you decide. 

ActiveCampaign Lite Plan

The Lite plan is perfect for small teams and it allows for 3 users. As well as this, it comes with the majority of the powerful email automations, design options, and social media integration. However, you can get a similar or better service from other competitors that are within the same price range as this one.

You should also note that the Lite plan does not remove any of the ActiveCampaign logos in certain parts of the service that it provides, like in its forms and confirmation details. 

However, this is not typically an issue if you were to add your forms by using HTML. You will also not be able to call the company if you need support, as only the live chat and email customer service options are available to use.

Although, it is a great plan to use if you are looking for a budget option, and it is great for tracking the actions of your website visitors. 

ActiveCampaign Plus Plan

The ActiveCampaign plus plan is more than suitable for slightly bigger teams of up to 25 accounts or organizations that require a CRM in order to manage their customer base. Some of the most interesting features that this plan has to offer are the landing page editor, the ability to send SMS, and the use of a custom domain name for your links. 

It will also remove the ActiveCampaign logo, which works to help make your forms much more professional. As well as all of this, the 1 month of 1 to 1 training that is included can also be really beneficial if you want to make the most of ActiveCampaigns powerful automations. 

ActiveCampaign Professional Plan

The ActiveCampaign professional plan is quite a bit more expensive than the other plans that are available, but it does come with 50 user accounts. You will also be given the opportunity to show site messages that are personalized to your users.

Finally, you will be able to access an in-depth attribution analysis which will help you to tailor your marketing techniques and content, which will help you to create a more successful campaign.

ActiveCampaign Enterprise Plan

The final plan that we are going to talk about is the ActiveCampaign enterprise plan, which is perfect for bigger companies that have a bigger budget available to them that can be used for marketing purposes. It comes with unlimited user accounts and some of the best features. 

You will be able to customize your own mail server domain, and you will even receive a custom phone number that will allow for SMS and phone support, as well as unlimited one on one training and a dedicated account manager that will assist you with strategy consultation, deliverability, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know everything there is to know about the plans that are available at ActiveCampaign, we are going to take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the service.

What Is A Subscriber With ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign refers to subscribers as contacts, and they are separated into 4 different categories. The categories are active, unconfirmed, unsubscribed, and bounced. Only your active contacts will be classed as subscribers. This is when they have opted in to confirm their subscription and will be receiving your emails.

What Happens If I Have More Subscribers Than I Pay For?

If you are approaching the limit of subscribers that you pay for, the company will send you an email to remind you to upgrade your account. Your account will not automatically be upgraded, so you will not be able to gain more subscribers unless you upgrade your plan.

Can I Manage My Subscribers?

Yes, you can manage your subscribers by using the engagement management tool that allows you to remove inactive subscribers.


The ActiveCampaign plans start at just $15 a month if you go for the lite plan, and they get more expensive for the more feature-packed plans. There are cheaper options available on the market if you are only looking for basic email marketing plans, but some of the more advanced features that this service has to offer make the price worth it.

This service is really easy to use, and if you are really serious about your email marketing, then this is a great company for you to choose. They offer some excellent tools and features to their subscribers, and they have excellent 24/7 support and training at a relatively reasonable price.

Mark Matthews