Free Responsive Newsletter Templates For Your Business

So you’ve decided that it’s time to change your email newsletters. Perhaps you’re weary of your newsletters collapsing when viewed on a mobile device, causing a large percentage of your subscribers to miss out.

Unfortunately, your email tool’s templates aren’t always up to the task. You could also be unable to afford to commission new templates, which could be a substantial financial expenditure for your firm.

Thankfully, we’ve got some fantastic news. We’ve put together a collection of websites to find attractive newsletter templates that you can use with any email service provider. Furthermore, all of the templates are mobile-responsive, which means they will adjust to fit any device.

Free Responsive Newsletter Templates For Your Business

Why Do I Need A Newsletter For My Business?

An email newsletter’s purpose is to keep your subscribers informed about your company, products, and services. However, it’s not something that’s typically used in a hard sell. An email newsletter should appear like an update from an interesting, helpful friend, rather than a pushy marketer.

That isn’t to say that these newsletters are just used to stay in touch. They may be used to persuade customers to take action, such as making a purchase or reading your most recent blog post.

Newsletters are usually the heartbeat of a marketing strategy. Over the previous decade, email marketing has shown to be significantly more effective than social media marketing.

To ensure the success of your email marketing campaign, you’ll need a solid strategy. A part of that approach is determining what works and what doesn’t, and email marketing platforms feature statistics that can tell you whether or not your emails are effective.

Having an email list is crucial to your business’s success. Keeping in touch with your customers on a frequent basis can help you build trust. Once you’ve established trust with your clients, you can motivate them to take action.

If you’re ready to revamp your newsletters, have a look at our suggestions below. Remember to read the tips at the end for optimal application.


99designs has created three professionally designed email templates (newsletter, promotional, and personal email) with a total of 45 options in a range of styles and colors. Your email address is required for registration.

The bundle includes all three email templates in three different layouts and five different colors for a total of 45 options (blue, green, orange, red, and violet). The files are just 6.9MB in size, so they should download quickly.


This clean-looking template, based on Google’s Material Design and tested on 33 email clients using Litmus, can be seen on this design portfolio site.


Email marketing service Cakemail has generously made 39 of its templates available for free download. It tells you how many times each email template has been downloaded, which gives you an idea of how popular it is.

The templates themselves aren’t bad if you’re looking for something classic and not too flashy.


If you’re looking for email design ideas for your next campaign, have a look at the HTML email templates created by the team at Copernica Marketing Software. These people know their way around HTML for email design.

So don’t worry, these emails will work in popular email clients such as Apple Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, and Outlook. They’re also responsive to mobile devices.


Dribbble is a social media platform for designers. By performing a quick search on the site, you may be able to locate a few modern-looking HTML email templates to download.


These templates are available as HTML files, which may be downloaded and used in any email program. Use these templates in conjunction with a free Dyspatch account for the best results.

Newsletters, welcome, and confirmation emails are among the 14 open-source email templates offered by Dyspatch.

Email On Acid

Email on Acid, an email testing company, has produced a customizable newsletter template with a number of themes and sections that you may mix and match. This template features three different “layouts” that alter based on the width of the screen.

It supports 1-3 columns by default, but when you activate each media query conditional statement, it converts to a one-column layout for easier reading on mobile devices.


If you sign up for Freshmail’s newsletter, you’ll get three beautiful templates as well as PSD files. They come in two different sizes to give you more options for how you may utilize them.

The package includes both HTML and PSD files, allowing you to customize the aesthetics and code to your liking.


GitHub has a repository with hundreds of responsive email HTML files that you may go over and download. Two templates that come highly recommended are Antwort and EmailOctopus.


You can simply update the template using the annotated markup and source PSD file included in the freebie bundle. This message is truly unique in that it is fully compatible with all major email programs, browsers, and devices.

This template is especially useful if you use StampReady to handle your email marketing campaigns. In just a few clicks, you can upload it to your dashboard, make any necessary changes, and send it out.

Litmus Community

Litmus has also made 25+ email templates available on Litmus Community, including marketing and eCommerce templates. The best email designers in the market have designed modern email templates. It is easy to use and completely free.


Litmus is the industry standard for email design and testing, so it’s no surprise that they provide free responsive email templates. Naturally, they’re all free and well tested. You must first subscribe to their email list in order to download them.


Free HTML email templates are perfect for a wide range of email newsletters and marketing campaigns, and they’re easily adaptable to a number of industries and business needs. MailBakery offers a wide range of modern HTML email templates that are fully responsive. Ecommerce, food & restaurants, travel, and more sectors are included.


Mailchimp (2)
Source: Flickr

Six free templates ‘blueprints,’ which are responsive email templates that you may customize with your own colors and style, are provided by Mailchimp. If you sign up for the free plan, you’ll have access to over 100 more MailChimp templates to utilize in the tool.

For eCommerce, newsletters, events, and holidays, among other categories, there are blank templates and fully-designed themed emails.


Using their open-source markup language, MJML creates responsive HTML code that can be copied and pasted into your email application. They offer over 20 themes to pick from on their website.


Free HTML templates for landing pages, websites, and email newsletters that are responsive and ready to use. They support HTML 5, CSS 3, and the front-end Bootstrap framework, as well as all of the latest trends and technology.

Pixelbuddah has 15 responsive HTML templates, including some that are holiday-themed. Their works are definitely worth a look.


Designmodo’s Postcards is an email template generator that lets you drag and drop content blocks to create your own ready-to-use email. A free plan, which needs registration, allows you to create and export a template using a handful of the modules.

It’s easy to navigate, and the graphics are appealing. To receive access to all of the modules, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium membership.


PSD2HTML offers a wide range of themed email design templates, including themes for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Sketch App Sources

These three flat-design themes are compatible with all major email clients and look great on mobile devices. HTML email templates using Sketch app components that are responsive.

All major email clients, including Outlook 2013 for Windows and Gmail for mobile, are supported. A compatibility checklist is also included.


Slicejack, a design agency, has designed a slick newsletter template that has been tested with Litmus and Email on Acid. All email clients are compatible with the Portfolio email template, which has been fully tested on the Litmus and EmailOnAcid platforms.

On a range of devices and screen sizes, it will provide the greatest possible watching experience.


There are now 25 free, modern, pre-tested, and easy-to-use email templates available in the Litmus Community. A marketplace for email templates with hundreds of beautiful, pre-tested templates that work with any ESP—and their talented team has created seven Litmus-exclusive templates that are now free to download.

Each template has been extensively Litmus-tested and is mobile-friendly, guaranteeing that it will work in Outlook, Gmail, and the rest of those problematic clients. They also provide PSD source files, which you may edit and customize to your heart’s content.


Stripo offers over 800 free newsletter templates that are easy to customize and export to your preferred email marketing platform. They have a lot of great designs that are sorted into categories including type, industry, season, and feature.

You can also preview your emails in more than 90 different situations, including on a variety of mobile devices, and sync with more than 60 different email service providers.


A collection of 16 different, dynamic, and responsive email templates found on the internet. Themezy also offers a range of WordPress templates, to work alongside your email templates, bringing a sense of uniformity to your brand.

TOPOL offers 34 responsive newsletter layouts for free. The designs are colorful and fun, and there are plenty to choose from. There are various export choices, including downloading HTML or simply exporting to email marketing services like Sendinblue or Mailchimp.


You may choose from a huge range of well-designed responsive layouts using Unlayer. You can sort by both industry and use, which is really beneficial. For example, they have a variety of transactional email templates.

W3 Layouts

All of their 50+ templates are free to use. The only drawback? In the footer, you must keep the link to their website. Look through their library of free email templates, which were created with a range of purposes in mind.

These HTML email templates are fantastic and will surely help you close that deal or get new leads.


Before downloading this template, you may customize it using ZippyPixels’ online editor. You’ll get a basic HTML version as well as ones tailored to CampaignMonitor and MailChimp. It must be credited to ZippyPixels, and it can only be used for non-profit purposes.

Zurb Foundation

Zurb provides a few additional HTML templates that were all produced with their Foundation for Emails platform. Once again, HTML and CSS are supplied in separate files. Registration and sign-up are required.


Their five free templates are simple and will almost certainly need to be customized in terms of design and color. They’re a good alternative, though, because they’re compatible with a range of mobile and desktop email programs.

Be aware that the HTML and CSS files are sent separately; you’ll need to combine them using either your email provider’s inliner tool (if it supports it) or Zurb’s.

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