About The Edit

We love music, just like you. We’re designers, programmers, tinkerers and vinyl collectors. We started The Edit to make expanding your record collection fun and simple.

Likes long walks on the beach. Keeps the trains running on time.

Now Playing: Nina Simone Sings the Blues

Brings his own rays of sunshine. Puts the vinyl in the baskets.

Now Playing: Frank Sinatra – The Nearness of You

Drinks coffee without a lid. Puts color in the boxes, puts boxes on the computers.

Now Playing: Odesza – In Return

Recent lidless convert. Knows what “fleek” means. Colors outside the lines.

Now Playing: Passion Pit – Kindred

Pilots the train through the charts and graphs. Slams his coffee in one go.

Now Playing Rage Against the Machine – S/T

Orders the spicy fish bowl. Programmed a robot to make Dad jokes.

Now Playing: Neil Young – Harvest.

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